We are both PATIENTS who decided to lend our voice to the health care discussion centering on improving the patient experience. In this blog, we will discuss all aspects of the healthcare experience and share our recommendations for change through the eyes of the PATIENT.

So, how did we get involved in this work? Many people get involved after a specific experience with their care. Both of us have had personal health situations, which prompted us to become engaged in healthcare improvement and we will share our experiences with you. Initially, our efforts were with hospitals where we received care. Over time, statewide, regional, national and international organizations invited us to become part of their work.

Prior to the two of us formerly meeting, we both worked on the same project for the National Academy of Medicine (formerly the Institute of Medicine) in Washington D.C. This meeting brought together patient advisors from healthcare organizations across the country. It was not until we both volunteered for a new organization that we realized we had worked together on the Institute of Medicine project. Our connection grew as we began to regularly discuss our work, our concerns and hopes for change. Our blog was born out of our many conversations, as a vehicle to share our thoughts, insights, frustrations and recommendations in hopes of creating a dialogue and impetus for change.

We see this blog as a venue for exploring the actions and goals that PATIENTS would PRESCRIBE if our views were given an equal role in decisions made by healthcare workers. We don’t believe that we are in any way representatives of all patients or caregivers, but we will try as best we can to promote the ideas of the variety of patients and not just ourselves. We welcome other patients and caregivers to react to what we say and share their own thoughts, observations, and recommendations.

Here are a few examples of topics we plan to explore:

How can we help physicians become a bigger part of improving the patient experience?

What do patients really want?

What does”partnership” with patients really mean?

What would medical education look like if designed by patients?

Why are so many organizations working on the same things but not working together?

We hope you will follow along and add your thoughts to the discussion. There are so many ways to engage. Sign up to follow our blog, share with others, comment, and share stories.
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We look forward to an open dialogue and thought-provoking discussions and encourage our readers to consider writing guest posts.

Patients shaping change will make a difference!